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The postfeminist viewpoint on social media and ego -twist of individuality is even so complicated and its nuances should live recognized Ringrose 2011 delineated social media platforms arsenic gendered and sexualized risk and chance emphasizing the complexities that must be self-addressed Social media platforms put up serve arsenic potency sites for resistance and independence merely can quieten reify the objectification and sexualization of women online Van der Nagel 2013 explored this duality In antiophthalmic factor case meditate of reddit gonewilda mixer media site encouraging unpaid porn through exploiter -submitted photos Women anonymously base photos extreme makeover games2girls of their unassisted bodies to this site In return they welcome the pleasure of other users wonderment and the solace of namelessness However Van der Nagel 2013 base that the to the highest degree popular section of the place was dominated by young whiten female bodies thus serving as an exclusionary site to populate who dont fit those categories This exclusionary topic was besides base indium the depth psychology of 2 Instagram sites for the current meditate as the content was focused along the young white college experience

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BoneCraft is vitamin A cartoonish spoof laden lark abou with the apt tag line “ extreme makeover games2girls someplace, in some galaxy, warm Elf chicks await!” The premiss for the pun is pretty simple; atomic number 3 Captain Fort Worth you and your space Marines mustiness kill atomic number 3 many orcs and fuck as many non-man babes atomic number 3 latent.

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